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Vehicle Protection Packages

Propack Protection

Metal surfaces need to be protected against the elements, expecially direct exposure to air and water in most forms as exposure will gradually lead to rust which leads to metal deterioration. At Super Shine Auto, we are professionally trained to apply Rust protection, fabriguard, leather protectionand undercoating to your vehicle in order to preserve its interior, exterior and most vulnerable parts from Elemental damages.

Fabriguard Protection

Fabriguard is an all purpose fabric protector and water/oil repellant. It prevents repells stains and spillages and helps in preserving the interior of your vehicle.

Leather Protection

Spills, stains and normal wear and tear are unavoidable but leads to early aging of leather surfaces. Our leather protection penetrates and conditions the leather, providing a breathable barrier for the interior which helps in preserving the condition and appearance of the leather overall.

Rust Protection

Our Rust protection is a layer of protection designed to slow down and inhibit corrosion on vehicles. The layer of protection repels moisture and ensures that the metals do not deteriorate


The undercarriage of your vehicle is the most exposed part of your vehicle to elements of the road. Undercoating protection is rubber and petroleum based product that seals the undercarriage.


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